Gemstones are ornamental and are used in designing jewelry universally. Gemstones have natural colors as they imbibe colors from Nature.  Each Gemstone has its respective color due to its chemical combination of various minerals. For example, Blue Sapphire reflects Blue due to the minerals Titanium and Iron; Ruby gets its color from the mineral Chrome.


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Turquoise Gemstones
The name itself explains that this semi precious stone
Green Tourmaline Gemstones
It is dark green color stone. The cheaper varieties are
Hassonite Gemstones
Gomedha is available in two colors: brown and yellow. B
Cat's Eye Gemstones
The stone is called Cat's eye because it has a line in
Onyx Gemstones
It is a soft gem stone of a dark green color. The varie
Tiger's Eye Gemstones
Tiger's Eye is a fibrous quartz of golden yellow color
Amethyst Gemstones
Amethyst is the most valuable, transparent, mineral qua
Zircon Gemstones
Zircon is known as a colorless stone used to imitate di
Moon Stone Gemstones
Moonstone is a soft milky white stone. Moonstone shows
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