Find out which Gemstone is for You


Gemstones are ornamental and are used in designing jewelry universally. Gemstones have natural colors as they imbibe colors from Nature. Each Gemstone has its respective color due to its chemical combination of various minerals. For example, Blue Sapphire reflects Blue due to the minerals Titanium and Iron; Ruby gets its color from the mineral Chrome.

Gemstones also have Mystic Value, so they are also prescribed for Holistic healing in various Alternate therapies such as Color Therapy, Chakra Healing; Reiki and Planetary healing through Gem Therapy in Astrology.

Gem Therapy and Color Therapy involves healing through Gem Stones. The seven colors of Rainbow-VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red) with Ultra violet (before violet) and infra red (beyond red) correspond to Nine Planets in Astrology. Therefore, wearing desirable gem stones of required weight and on the correct mount in the fingers, neck or wrist generates instant healing.

The seven Chakras in our body also correspond to seven colors of rainbow. Colored Gemstones of the Corresponding Chakra is placed on the specific Chakra during Reiki Therapy session to provide healing. The Gemstones heal by saturating the chakra with required color

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