Gemstones are ornamental and are used in designing jewelry universally. Gemstones have natural colors as they imbibe colors from Nature.  Each Gemstone has its respective color due to its chemical combination of various minerals. For example, Blue Sapphire reflects Blue due to the minerals Titanium and Iron; Ruby gets its color from the mineral Chrome.


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Pearl Gemstones
Pearl relates to the planet Moon in Astrology and symbo
Coral Gemstones
Corals are a skeletal remains of marine animals called
Opal Gemstones
Precious opals are translucent to transparent and are i
Yellow Topaz Gemstones
Yellow Topaz symbolizes sobriety, clemency, faithfullne
Peridot Gemstones
Peridot is a beautiful stone with a sparkling pale gree
Yellow Sapphire Gemstones
Yellow Sapphire is a precious gem stone and is worn to
Blue Sapphire Gemstones
Blue Sapphire is listed amongst the very precious gem s
Emerald Gemstones
It is a precious gem stone ranging from light green to
Ruby Gemstones
Ruby is Red in color and is a precious stone. It bestow
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